Poodle of the day

Lancelot vom Taubenhof
Roswitha Lindt  GER
Dwarf Poodle, apricot
(19 clicks today)

GER Lancelot vom Taubenhof
  (2018-10-24, 19 clicks)
CZE Lexus Brown Neraka
  (2018-10-23, 3 clicks)
GER Caspian Line`s Future Can Come
  (2018-10-22, 1 clicks)

Kennel of the day

Russian Pearl
Pelkmann, Bettina (Germany)
standard standard
(0 clicks today)
Kennel of the day

Jewel of Moddania
Lenka Nosálová (Czech Republic)
(0 clicks today)
Kennel of the day

Sweetcherry Crown
Jelena i Srđan Vujović (Serbia)
dwarf toy toy
(0 clicks today)

  (2019-11-20, 0 clicks)
  (2019-11-19, 0 clicks)
Von der Regenbogenwiese
  (2019-11-18, 0 clicks)

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